report on HR cso activism and IVS.

Within the Raising Peace Campaign, we are building a “Report on the Situation of Human Rights, the role of civil society organisations, activists and International Voluntary Service“.

The report will have several chapters, among which the fixed ones will be those of the core thematics of 2015 and included in the original declaration:

> The Rights of Migrant people, Refugees and to Citizenship

> The Rights related to Gender, Sexuality and to the own Body

> The Rights to a Healthy life, Food, Water and Housing

> Communication for Human Rights and Peace

These chapters will be based on the contents developed during the Peace Weeks, those used/prepared in the Communication Campaign, and all those contributions by members that we will receive. Please inform us on your role, the projects you develop in these fields, so that they can be included, and any input you want to have included in these chapters.



We are aware that these topics do not cover all thematics and issues on human rights. We open the floor to you to submit new chapters. How?

> Write us an e-mail, so that we will get organised:

> Chapters should have between 3 and 15 pages.  and should include:

  • An introduction: how is the situation in the world; which are the main problems and their causes; which are the alternatives? (1 page)
  • The developed chapter: about the rights on stake (which are they, what is their importance); problematics with these rights and root causes; main actors; existing alternatives; the specific role of IVS; conclusions.
  • If you send also supporting pictures and links, it will be appreciated.
  • You don’t need to spend the time on formatting, because we will have to do one formatting for the whole report.


Please take into account that we want to present a first version of the report on October in our Final Conference in Paris.


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