Steering Team & Working Group

The Steering Team of Raising Peace 2017

The Steering Team of the Raising Peace Campaign is composed of representatives of member organisations of the CCIVS and by members of the CCIVS Secretariat.

The Steering Team members are in charge of different tasks such as communication, promotion of the Raising Peace Campaign and project support.

Tilemachos BONI                                                                        

He is actively involved with the IVS movement and especially by volunteering with the Greek organization, ELIX, since he was 17 years old. Now, he is involved in the Raising Peace Campaign since 2015, mainly as facilitator and trainer of different events organized in the framework of the Campaign.

He is passionate about peace and human rights education and he believes that if we want to see a change in this world we need to start creating it first within ourselves and then by inspiring and transforming others around us.

Layla HAMID     

Layla has volunteered with VAP UK and N.I.C.E Japan in 2016. She is now a committee member for VAP UK and that’s how she became aware of the Raising Peace campaign and CCIVS. She is part of the communications team (mainly on social media).

Layla is studying Human Rights,  she is very excited to get involved and understand more about the Raising Peace Campaign!


Mauro joined the IVS movement after his first workcamp in Norway in 1999, an eye-opening experience that strengthened his belief in the power of non-formal education and international volunteering as powerful tools for social change. Later on he had the chance to work for NGOs in different European cities first as a volunteer and then as a staff and board member.

Currently he is the Project Manager at CCIVS and he will be coordinating the Raising Peace Campaign as a Steering Team member.

Ling YOU

profile pic_Ling

Ling You is the Project Assistant in CCIVS and has become a member of the Steering Team of the Raising Peace Campaign since its very first year. Over the past few years, she has been witnessing the development, the challenges and the impact of the Campaign. Ling is very happy and proud to see more and more activists and stakeholders are joining the Campaign. Besides being actively involved in the Global Education and topics related to interculture and migration, she is also specialized in the communication strategies. She is excited to hear your stories and get inspired!

Julia Rodríguez NIETO

Julia Rodríguez Nieto is part of XCHANGE SCOTLAND since 2012. As social worker she’s involved in different community development initiatives in Glasgow and Scotland, working on topics related to promoting equalities, global education and intercultural understanding and fighting hate crime through non formal education. Since 2016, she’s also part of the Alliance Network Pool of Trainers, being involved in international trainings with partners across Europe dealing with Equalities and Human Rights. In 2017 she had the chance to be facilitator of the Peace Action Week – Making Change Happen. She’s passionate about education as a tool for empowerment and for inspiration to make positive change happen!



Cathy ( Aikaterini ) Manousaki is involved in the IVS movement and network since 2015. She has taken part in several Peace Action Weeks, trainings and other events in the framework of Raising Peace Campaign. In January 2016, she joined the steering team of the campaign mainly as a facilitator, doing advocacy and communication work. She is a youth worker, working in the field of personal development, mentoring and media learning with a focus on Human Rights Education, LGBTQIA+ Spectrum, social inclusion, active citizenship and social sustainability. She is passionately advocating about Human Rights through non-formal education & digital tools, aiming to raising awareness on the topic, while empowering young people in reaching their own potential and becoming the change makers themselves.

The working group on Peace and Human Rights of the CCIVS

Following the Plan of Action for CCIVS 2014-2016, the Peace and Human rights Working Group of CCIVS was created through the open call among member organisations. The main role of the Working Group is to oversee and work on the Peace and Human Rights campaigns foreseen for 2015 and 2016 in cooperation with the CCIVS Secretariat.

Members of the Group implement different tasks in the following areas: communication, coordination, fundraising, facilitation and training support for activities related to campaigns.  Working Group is composed of 17 representatives of the network organisations.

                                      The list of the Working Group members

First name Last name


Jarinya KRITTIKAN VSA Thailand – Volunteer Spirit Association Thailand
Rior SANTOS YSDA – Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly
Femi AGANRAN VWAN – Voluntary Workcamps Association of Nigeria
Martina KRATKA SCI Hellas – service Civil international Hellas
Wilbert HELSLOOT IVP Indonesia – international Volunteers for Peace (contact of SCI)
Paul WINTER VAP – Volunteer Action for Peace UK
Edyta NIEWINSKA SCI Int – Service Civil International
Edward KAWEESA UVDA – Uganda Voluntary Development Association
Bourkiza FAISAL CSM – Chantiers Sociaux marocains
Kossia AYEH NGO FAGAD – Frères Agriculteurs et Artisans pour le Développement
Sam – Sallam CHAHDI CJV – Chantiers des Jeunes Volontaires / UMAC – Union Marocaine des Associations de Chantiers
Femi AGANRAN VWAN – Voluntary Workcamps Association of Nigeria
Ismi NOVIA IIWV – Indonesia International Work Camp
Stefano VARLESE YAP – Youth Action for Peace
Yuran LIU CSETC – Chinese Society of Education Training Center
Laëtitia BARBRY Solidarités Jeunesses


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