Communicating for Peace

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One of the goals of the Raising Peace Campaign is to increase communication on peace and human rights topics from the international voluntary service side and with partners and stakeholders.

Have little experience in communication or want to learn more? Click to check the
Communication manual & Annex & Photo Tips !

Photos Can Talk !

Participants and activists in the Raising Peace Campaign took part in the Photobooth action so as to let their voices heard. Check out what they say!

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Raising Voices Video Action

Join us to celebrate the International Day of Peace and let your VOICES be heard!

Send us a short video clip of you talking about the main human rights thematics.

We will compile all of your videos together into short episodes of Raising Voices series. All those episodes will be shared on social networks on the International Day of Peace (21st September) and they will be presented during the International Conference on IVS Action for Sustainability, Human Rights & Cultural Heritage.

You can read more about the action here:

Here you will find links to videos, articles, works by organisations, staff, volunteers, activists related and within the campaign.



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POST unu conference Migrations

POST i was there steenrock festival

POST whats going on in ukraine

VIDEO kathangu kvda migrations

VIDEO what would make you move mountains

VIDEO owen fenn migrations

VIDEO irene on migrations

VIDEO paul winter migrations

Posts, videos, declarations are the opinion of those who express them. We support them to do so, to express, to communicate, to publish; our opinion may not be what they say BUT that everybody must have a say in order to build a fair, participative Peace and Human Rights.


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