Freedom of Movement campaign

International Voluntary Service stands for Freedom of Movement

The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), Service Civil International (SCI), the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organisations and Network for Voluntary Development Asia (NVDA) believe in a just world without discrimination where all people can fully enjoy their Human Rights including freedom of movement. We strive for a world in which every citizen has the opportunity to participate actively in the construction of a just global society. We consider that we should work towards a more inclusive society, campaigning widely against laws which restrict movement across the world. We strongly believe that our ability to join forces for the implementation of the Freedom of Movement Campaign will bring more power to our movement so that together we can change the situation regarding freedom of movement and active global citizenship

Our vision:
‘A society which allows freedom of movement in which all members without distinction are empowered to exercise active citizenship’ (White Paper for International Voluntary Service 2011-2021)

We call on IVS organisations and networks to:
o Include the information about the Campaign in info-sheets,
o Implement special planned activities and workshops in workcamps,
o Organise an activity to promote freedom of movement in your countries
o Campaign for freedom of movement in your countries at local and national levels.

Logos of the campaign


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