Human Rights Thematics

The central part of the Raising Peace Campaign “HUMAN RIGHTS NOW” is based in the thematic blocks of Human Rights defined in the Declaration on the Situation of Human Rights and Peace by the IVS networks, launched on March 2015. Each thematic will have a dedicated Peace Week: an event to train worldwide IVS activists on the thematics, to raise awareness and to network and advocate with relevant institutions. Peace Weeks are meant to be the start of future cooperations on the thematic within and outside the IVS movement:

block 2Rights of Migrant people, Refugees, and to Citizenship: The right to equality for any person, the right to mobility and to build the best life opportunities for any person, and the responsibility of institutions to guarantee all civil rights of any citizen. The Peace Week will be held in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by JAVVA, on May 2015.                  > Check more on the thematic.

block 3Rights on Gender, Sexuality and Own Body: Basic rights related to the individual condition and freedom of any person; the opportunity to any person to develop their paths, and the guarantee that no gender or ideology related group dominates or marginalises another. The Peace Week will be held in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by FIYE, on July 2015. > Check more on the thematic.


block 4 Rights to Health, Housing and Food: Fundamental Rights that are on the basis of the right to life and to dignity, at the beginning of humanity and to human societies, and therefore those that must be guaranteed to any person and by every state or government.The Peace Week will be held in Bacelona, hosted by SCI-Catalonia, in September 2015 > Check more on the thematic.

block 8 Communication for Peace as a crosscuting priority: Communication influences action and the chances for empowerment as a decisive factor, and therefore it is key to build a good communication based in the values and goals of human rights and peace. Besides having a specific focus in 2015 on the situation in Ukraine, with a dedicated blog, you can find posts published on human rights and peace and about the above thematics at the block Communicating For Peace.



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