Why a Global Human Rights Week

The Global Human Rights Week (GHRW) has been launched in order to contribute to give greater visibility to the
icon1existing challenges to Human Rights in every community and to the actions done to transform the reality, by organisations, social movements, activists, volunteers.

At the basis of the GHRW vision there is the certainty that only through commitment and action, which brings positive change, will it be possible to guarantee the rights that every person has in common, and deserves equally: human rights.calendar-ghrw

This global event is composed of many local events organised worldwide, mostly by International Voluntary Service organisations. These local actions are aiming at transforming local reality and to empower local people for a change. At the global level, a communication campaign is launched, to give visibility to all these events and to raise awareness among civil society actors, citizens worldwide, and establish dialogues with stakeholders.

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This initiative is launched by the Raising Peace Campaign of the CCIVS, with the cooperation of several international networks (SCI, Alliance, ICYE, NVDA) and the participation of many IVS organisations and activists worldwide.

We hope that more and more people will join to make the event successful and with a greater impact..


You can also share your own Message to raise your voice on Human Rights topic, please click HERE.


If you are a single person:

  • Use social media to promote the actions within the week, but mostly to share your visions on HR
  • Be challenged and be informed about your and other people’s rights, and find out about other people, social movements and organisations who are doing actions for human rights and peace.

If you are an organisation or a local group:

  • You can organise Awareness Raising Activities, training or volunteering activities
  • If you organise activities, you can use the communication pack to promote them and to extend the views and messages of the participants in your activities
  • Join our communication actions, the hashtags of the week

If you are a network:

  • Promote the events and the Week within your network, among your members
  • Join and multiply communication actions.
  • Inform us if you are willing to publish a post and we will contribute to spread it.



> Communication and support materials are provided from CCIVS

> Financial support in minigrants has been given to some organisers who need it.

Communication and support materials: the following materials will be distributed next week

  • Communication pack: including a logo and a leaflet on the week; and comm tools you can use with your participants and social media
  • Materials: postcards, stickers of the campaign that we can send you by postmail.
  • RP Camps Cards: we will bring information on how IVS organisations are doing actions
  • Events cards and dedicated comm actions for each day.
  • Articles by representatives and activists

SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION: next week we will send you the instruments

  • We will launch a ThunderClap for the central day of the Week (20th) dedicated to migrations and refugees



  • Educational (and participation) Materials: