20th Oct. The Rights of Migrant people and Refugees.

Migrations are a human phenomenon, common to all moments of history.
Refugees and asylum seekers are people who have been forced to leave their homes after their life was in danger and their integrity prosecuted. Usually, massive refugee situations are provoked by conflicts, in which speficic countries usually hold a major responsibility (selling weapons, geostrategic interests, …). Contradictorily, after having played a critical role in wars like in Syria, Irak or Lybia, Europe closes the doors to their refugees, stops the saving of sinking boats in the Mediterranean, puts thousands of people in illegal detention centres, and allows xenophobic speech against refugees rights.

It is the right of every person to seek for asylum, all European countries recognised this in the Geneva convention and in the European Charter of Human Rights. We defend the freedom of movement and of settlement, for all people and with all citizens rights.

In the IVS movement, we launched the campaign for the Freedom of FoMMovement, and there is a strong commitment in all networks, with working groups (Building Bridges at SCI, Task Force on Migrations in the Alliance), international workcamps, or international projects. Some of this groups have published educational materials, like the Building Bridges Toolkit, or the Raising Peace Toolkit to Work on Migrations and Human Rights_RP2016

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Article Contribution by Adli Daana, Head of Consultative Board of IPYL and the Advisory Board Member of CCIVS

Article Contribution by Kola Aganran, Board Member of VWAN Nigeria and Focal Point for Africa of CCIVS

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