16 Oct. Human Rights: for all, free, equal and with dignity

Human Rights are the rights of each person, they belong to people, to everyone. They are an instrument for justice and for change.

The Global Human Rights Week is willing to project an idea that underlines the power of change that Human Rights have; that questions why and who is behind the violations of such rights worldwide; and which encourages to address such violations and challenges by grassroots and networking action.

The international voluntary service movement is involved in the promotion and protection of Human Rights, through volunteering actions, human rights education and networking and cover declarationadvocacy actions. On 2015, the international IVS networks launched a declaration to express their commitment.

Within the Raising Peace Campaign, in 2017, 45 volunteering projects have joined as Raising Peace Camps. Worldwide, local projects and national and international working groups are active in this topic.

 Good Practices on #HumanRights for ALL:

It is a strong idea across the Campaign that Human Rights and Peace need to be built and reinforced through a process of empowerment, action and networking and advocacy.

During the Week, around 13 events happen worldwide, among them:



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