“Can I come in?”

“Can I come in?” is the name of the role playing game the #PeaceBuilders from the Laboratory for tools on #Peace and #HumanRights practiced in Athens during the morning session of the third day. This game aims to emphasize the situation of #AsylumSeekers at a #border, to understand the rights of refugees and to understand the arguments for giving or rejecting refugees to enter a country.


Participants put themselves in the shoes of either border central officers, #refugees or observers and played a short scene representing refugees trying to escape to another country for safety. The time dedicated for feedback after the role play allowed the participants to share their feelings and an atmosphere filled with compassion, solidarity and outrage entered the working space.

Quotes Can I come in

This activity for Human Rights education was practiced by the #PeaceBuilders of the Laboratory as it will be included in the toolkit to work on migration and refugees on workcamps and youth exchanges.

Try putting yourself in the skin of a refugee or of an immigration officer the time of a role play and understand the plight of asylum seekers. Get the full instructions here: http://bit.ly/1SwyYZ9


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